photo: gmunk

photo: gmunk

Take class with members of Hysterica:


  • Kitty McNamee’s Contemporary Jazz class @ EDGE is: Tues/Thurs 11:30am-1pm


EDGE Performing Arts Center*
6300 Romaine St Suite 100



Ms. McNamee is also available for master classes:

Contemporary Class: A technique class with heavy emphasis on performance and interpretation. The thorough ballet based warm-up focuses on developing clean body mechanics and solid technique. Technically challenging contemporary combinations push each student toward developing precision, musicality and individual interpretation.

Master Class in Choreography: Class begins with a brief physical warm-up.  The students will experientially explore the choreographic process through guided improvisations (revealing elements of choreography including level, tempo, traveling though space…). Focused exercises will create the opportunity for each student to create movement and develop it into mini-works. Students will be encouraged to use their intuition, life experience and sense of play in developing their own unique choreographic voice.

*Hysterica is sponsored by EDGE Performing Arts Center