photo:  todd rosenberg

photo: todd rosenberg


  • "Fresh and original, surely “colony” belongs in L.A. Ballet's permanent repertory, alongside Balanchine and Lar Lubovitch."

           -- Los Angeles Times


  • “Hysterica...the perfect LA company-mixing show biz stealth with artistic sensibilities and technically supreme dancers”

    -- EyeSpyLA


hoto: tim agler

hoto: tim agler

  • “Hysterica was hypnotic…we never wanted it to end”

    -- New York Magazine

  • “An exciting distinctive dance theater experience”

    -- Los Angeles Times

  • “The startlingly innovative Victorious…galvanize by knockout choreography is a remarkably exciting event for LA”

    -- Entertainment Today

  • “McNamee employed her energetic and psychologically engaged movement vocabulary. Sticks and Stones was a rare occasion—new modern dance that actually felt new.”

    -- Austin American Statesman

  • “Hysterica Dance Co., is grabbing the attention of many for exciting, sensual choreography.”

    -- Dance Spirit Magazine

  • “ the latest vehicle for McNamee's Hysterica Dance Company, she displayed an impressive command of nonlinear storytelling, defining character, tracing relationships and reiterating her theme through hot, propulsive confrontations and resolutely avoiding conventional narrative.”

    -- Los Angeles Times

  • “Kitty McNamee is a natural”

    -- Dance Magazine

  • “A serious dose of beauty and depth: Kitty McNamee's Hysterica Dance Co. offered six pieces of intense technique coupled with highly charged emotions.”

    -- Los Angeles Times

  • “In Sticks & Stones, choreographer Kitty McNamee's crew skitters from kenetic bursts to long-limbed poses and joyous undulating.”

    -- Los Angeles Magazine

  • “Her (McNamee's) insights about intimacy proved especially provocative in this depiction of the rootlessness and isolation of contemporary freedom.”

    -- Los Angeles Times

  • “Choreographer Kitty McNamee sees contemporary pop culture too clearly to be seduced by its lies. Probing it in a series of eerie, neo-Expressionist dance dramas for her Hysterica Dance Co., she's found layers of alienation, fear and desperate pretense.”

    -- Los Angeles Times

  • “An outsize talent for that most elusive gift, originality”

    -- Dance Magazine

  • “An exciting and universally accessible production”

    -- The List (Scotland)

  • “By turns sensual, solemn, playful, and wittily tongue-in-cheek, Threads reflects the multitude of journeys a heart must take.”

    -- Coast Magazine

  • “(McNamee) ”populates her work with a level of emotional content rarely seen in today's younger choreographers.”

    -- Dance & Fitness Magazine

  • “In a town more interested in actor showcases and the hot new screenwriter's next table read, Hysterica's incorporation of theatrical and pop music elements may be just the bridge an audience needs to find contemporary dance accessible.”

    -- Frontiers


  • “A movement vocabulary unlike anyone else”

    -- Dance & Fitness Magazine

  • “One of LA's most intriguing choreographers”

    -- LA Weekly