HYSTERICA PREMIERES NEW WORK... with original score composed by.... BRUNO LOUCHOUARN

CELEBRATE DANCE 2012 Saturday March 3, 2012 8:00pm at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California with a line-up of eight extraordinary dance companies and nine choreographers. 


CELEBRATE DANCE 2012 Features:

Hysterica Dance Company / Artistic Director Kitty McNamee

Invertigo Dance Theatre / Artistic Director Laura Karlin

LaDiego Dance Theater/ Artistic Director Daniel Marshall 

Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company / Artistic Director Kate Hutter with choreography by Genevieve Carson

Malashock Dance / Artistic Director John Malashock with choreography by John Malashock and Michael Mizerany

Monat Dance / Artistic Director Sophie Monat

Regina Klenjoski Dance Company / Artistic Director Regina Klenjoski

RhetOracle Dance Company / Artistic Director Nate Hodges



“… A seamless (and ever-punctual) production, gorgeous lighting (by designer Eileen Cooley), consistently high-quality concepts and choreography, and a real (not virtual) chance to connect with knock-out dancers...” 

Rachel Levin -


For Tickets go to Alex Theatre


Photo of Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company by Eric Mason