Hysterica was honored to present work in “Barely Legal:” Highways Performance Space’s 18th anniversary benefit concert on June 9 in Santa Monica.

Please look for the preview of “Hysterica X” in the August issue of Dance Magazine.

Please look for Victoria Looseleaf’s feature article on Hysterica in the Sunday, July 29th issue of The Los Angeles Times. has been documenting Hysterica.
Stream footage of Hysterica’s recent audition.

Kitty McNamee and Ryan Heffington will be among the guest choreographers for Grover Dale's Los Angeles Workshop on July 28, 2007. At this full-day event, dancers get an inside look at what does and doesn't work at auditions, rehearsals, and behind-the-scenes. Dancers will learn how to show choreographers at auditions that they’re the right dancer for the job. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to clarify what it takes to create and sustain a satisfying career in dance.
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